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Title - Scribble Original


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Detail of a Scribble Original - 'My Tumbley's Rumbling' Your child's drawings transformed into a work of Art...
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I was one of those children who was always drawing. My mother never went anywhere without pens and scraps of paper in her hand bag. If I wasn't drawing I would be sewing imaginative fashion items for Cindy or sending paintings in to Take Hart. Sticky tape and string never lasted long in our house.

Women couldn't become fighter pilots back then, so I followed my love of creating and became a designer and then an Art teacher. After a number of very happy years living and teaching in Bath I found myself simultaneously moving to Devon, starting a family and somehow also painting for exhibitions and commissions.

Having created three unique and inspiring little people in a short space of time, family life inevitably took a hold and this is where my inspiration for Scribble Originals began.

My children would say the funniest things like 'I hate carrots, they tickle my teeth' or 'Monkeys have chins'. I found myself just having to write some of them down so that I could remember them and later combine them with the things amazing things they drew.

So now you will find me in my Devon studio, surrounded by beautiful countryside with a view of the sea. The best part of the day is opening the post to see what exciting things I've been sent. I am passionate about children's drawings and creating Scribble Originals, so why not get in touch and let's see what we can create...

Wow, a whole page just about me!
“Buttons, beads, bits of fabric… I love the quirkiness they add" Scribble Original bits and bobs 1 Scribble Original bits and bobs 2 Scribble Original child's drawing Scribble Original bits and bobs 3 Scribble Original - Fabric, ribbons & buttons
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